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Colin is a Qualified Motor mechanic from the old school before computers entered cars. He has been a Forestry contractor, farm fencer, takeaway shop manager, property developer but more notably was a Licensee for Success Motivation International (SMI) and Leadership Management International (LMI) for 20 years in New Zealand and was the top sales and facilitator within NZ. He also extended the boundaries to be a Licensee in East Malaysia (Borneo) for 9 years.

He has been involved in Pastoring Churches as well as developing leaders for specific positions within Church and Business organisations both in NZ and Malaysia.

Colin started in the insurance industry back in 1998 for a 1 year period but has more recently come back into the insurance industry as a Registered Financial Adviser and he is impressed with the changes within the industry where it has become more about the client’s needs than selling insurance.

His passion is in people development and that encompasses his ability to relate to what people need and want from their insurance’s. As it is a service industry Colin believes that having a broker working for you gives you the advantage of not being restricted to a single insurance company but a broker is able to suit the company to the individuals’ needs.

"A good adviser is the best insurance you can have."

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